Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


One Shot, One Kill

The Hero of today's Heart-Warming Story, is a True American Hero, one Earl Jones, of Verona, Kentucky. 

Having been the target of multiple burglaries in the past, Earl was ready the other night, and when a few young punks kicked in his door, he was waiting for them with his rifle.  One shot from his .22 was all it took to stop Bad Guy #1.  Bad Guy #2 and #3 at least showed some honor amoung thieves, extracting Bad Guy #1 from the hot LZ, and calling 911 for him as they ran away.  It turned out to not be enough, as Bad Guy #1 will never make that mistake again, as he ended up dieing from the .22 to the chest.

Now...did I mention that Earl, or more properly, Mr. Jones, is a 92-year old WWII Veteran? 

Way to go Earl...Your Country owes you again.

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