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A few weeks ago, while watching some refresher videos about different methods to field dress/bone out deer and elk, I became quite enamored with the Havalon Piranta skinning knife.  With it's replaceable blades, it was going through deer like butta'.  I had to have one, so I jumped onto amazon, and ended up ordering one.  It wasn't actually through amazon, but rather Santana Outdoors, which runs a storefront on amazon.

I made a mistake though.  While amazon kept my billing address the same as the last time I ordered something, it defaulted back to my old address in Belfair for shipping...and I didn't notice it.  So...my knife and a few other things I ordered went to Belfair, where my renter(now new owner of the house) didn't sign for them, so they went back to the retailer as undeliverable.

I didn't find this out until I decided to track the orders, and they showed up as 'delivered', at which point I finally looked at the shipping address, and had a major face-palm moment.  Amazon said since the knife was actually being shipped by another retailer, I had to deal directly with Santana to straighten things out.

Straighten things out they did.  After a few phone calls with the very polite Stephanie to explain my mistake, they dropped my knife back in the mail, without even charging me a 2nd round of shipping and handling, which I 100% expected to happen, and had been willing to pay without a struggle.

That's some pretty okay customer service, and yesterday, I got the knife in the mail.

Now I just hope I get a chance to use it in a month.

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