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Earlier this week, a cold front passed through, dropping our temps from the low 90's into the low 70's, with overnight lows getting down to the 40 range.  What this meant for me is that for the first time in about 4 months we turned off the overhead fan in our bedroom.  As the fan slowed to a stop, my wife and I were both quite disgusted by what we saw.

Oh my word...that's not a dust bunny...it's a dust bat that bas been flying through our room since May...yucky poo. 

It also might explain why I've woken up with a stuffed nose a few times in the last week. 

The good news is, it's all taken care of now.  Once my wife was aware there was a problem, she was all over it...all I had to do was mention millions of dust mites flying around over our bed...

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  1. I recommend using a vacuum to clean fan blades. Mine run 24-7 so when I change my ac air filter I shut off all my ceiling fans and vacuum them clean.