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Still Harvesting

At the height of cherry tomato production, I was pulling 30-40 tomatoes a day out of the garden.  Stuff has slowed down a bit, and so I'm only harvesting every 2-3 days, but I'm still happy with the production I'm getting as we approach mid-September.

As you can tell, I'm the letting the zucchini get a little bigger than I did earlier in the season.  Those banana peppers are the start of a 2nd pepper harvest of my plants, so that is nice too. 
Not sure how much longer stuff will go.  It was pretty warm again this weekend...highs in the low 90's, with overnight lows in the upper 50's.  A front is supposed to pass through today, and Monday will see highs in the mid-70's, with overnight lows dipping into the 40's for the week ahead. 
What I really need to decide is how motivated I am to keep it going.  As my cherry tomatoes start to fade back a bit, I could use the stakes I put in to drape some plastic over the plants at night...try to hold in a few degrees overnight once we do start seeing low 40's, upper 30's.  Or I could just say I've had a pretty good first year and let nature take it's course.  

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