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As promised


Just like what you would see in Raisin Bran, only a little smaller and less plump, plus no sugar.

It's the first time I am less than 100% satisfied with our L'Equip dehydrator...but it's also the biggest load we have run through it at one time.  Even with rotating the shelves every 8-12 hours, the product is a little...inconsistant. Learning experience.

I also learned I was totally wrong in thinking black raisins came from red grapes, and 'golden' raisins came from green grapes.

Just a city boy, I guess


  1. They look good; how do they taste?

  2. For a scary, brain-fart type moment, I thought this comment was on my praying mantis post.

    Ummm...the raisins were good...a bit lacking in consistancy...some of them were a bit smaller, harder and drier than what you get at the store, but for the most part, they were 'raisins'.

  3. Sounds like some of the smaller ones dried faster than the larger ones; bound to happen when you are using homegrown fruit.