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An apple a day.

The middle of last week, my wife picked up two 25 pound boxes of Golden Delicous Apples.  After staring at them for a few days in between soccer practices and games, we tackled one box on Saturday, and the other on Sunday.

All total we made up 12 quarts of sauce, with my wife taking the lead on Saturday, and me taking the lead on Sunday.  We canned them using two different techniques, because there were instructions for both water bath AND pressure canning that we found for apples.

My initial impression is that the water bath canning is a little better, especially if you forget that most pressure canning calls for an inch of head space instead of half-an-inch.  That meant that one of the jars I did Sunday evening kind of...overflowed a bit. 

After cooling on the counter top over night, I'm not sure it's a problem.  I pulled the rings, and all of them seem to have sealed okay, even the onethat overflowed. The only real issue is that all 6 of the jars I did are going to need a better than average wipe down before going out on the shelves....they be pretty sticky. 

Since we used 100% Golden Delicous apples, we didn't add ANYTHING, other than a slight bit of lemon juice during the peeling/chopping to minimize browning, and after a spoonfull prior to canning, it didn't need anything.  Good, Good stuff. 

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