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Let the games begin!

My daughters had their first soccer game today, which meant I got to have my first game on the sidelines as a parent watching his kids play soccer, without trying to be permanently barred from being on the sidelines for every other game.

From that viewpoint is was Mission Completed.  I complied with the Parents Code of Conduct, which was pretty easy...I mean, which kind of parent(other than my mom with her thermos full of Kahlua fortified hot chocolate) drinks or swears at the referees of a 6-year old soccer game? 

The only rule I have see myself having a problem with is 'no extra coaching from the sidelines'.  Yelling encouragement is okay, but yelling at my 10-year old to get her ass in gear and ATTACK THE BALL is less okay. 

It's tough...neither of my girls has played soccer, organized or otherwise, prior to this year, and because I am an unrealistic person, I expect more from my 10-year old than I do from my 6-year old, even though she has played exactly 1 hour more of soccer to this point. 

At this point, the most important thing is that they both had fun today, and daddy didn't do anything to discourage them.  I just need to remember that I didn't have a killer instinct at 10...I really didn't come by that until 13 or 14...but it's still frustrating to watch my daughter wait for the ball to come to her instead of going and getting it.

Plus, there is the frustration of my daughters looking like they are growing up...with their pony tails and soccer outfits, they aren't my little babies anymore.


  1. I played club soccer in Jr High and High School. Loved it, but unfortunetly not every parent takes to things like you do. I have distinct memories of being sworn at by one father when I stole the ball from his daughter, I think I was 14 at the time (my mom was hopping mad). The ref forced the parent to leave (I believe the police were called actually) but I remember being quite horrified at the time. Otherwise though I had a blast and I miss playing.

    1. Oh and don't worry, the killer instinct will come. My BEST memory from playing soccer was when my 14 & under (girls only) team totally slaughtered the 16 & under (boys only) in a practice match :)

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