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Technology to the rescue

Yesterday was September 1st, which just happened to be the day that the newest season of Doctor Who was premiering on BBC America.  The cable package we had initially signed up for didn't come with BBC America, which bummed my wife out a bit.  She wasn't very excited to have to wait a year for the newest season to show up on Netflix...and neither was I to tell you the truth.

Finally, last night, about 63 minutes before the show was supposed to start, my will broke.  I called up Charter and asked what it would take to add just the one channel, BBC America to our cable lineup. 

That resolve lasted about 13 seconds, when the nice lady told me on the phone that for only $10 more than it would cost just to add BBC America, I could add a whole new tier of channels, including the NFL Network.

Grrrr.  I'm so weak. 

My weakness isn't the scary part though...what is terrifying is that I had the new channels before I even hung up the phone...but then, I also had a happy wife.


  1. I have my DirecTv on pause right now.
    I'm siphoning off the cable part from my broadband provider (thanks cable techs- for leaving off the filter) and really can't see anything on the regular cable channels worth paying for.
    I really don't know if restarting my DirecTv acct. is worth the $65/mo for just Dr. Who ...and the five episodes he'll be on befor they take him off agian for another 18 months....*grumble*

  2. Oh did you get a bargain! A happy wife for $10? Call yourself weak all you want, I'm thinking that is just a subconscious ploy ussen men folk try to use on our ladies to get them to see us as larger than life. Just... somehow. And dang but if it doesn't work. I swear, men are mostly wolf and only partly dog, if sheep's clothing is necessary for civil affairs and meeting Her... or something.

  3. AND the NFL network!


    All the football you can handle. Dood, I'll bring the chips and beer.