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Is that bias I smell?

Back in February, a State Police Trooper was killed near the town of Port Orchard during a 'routine traffic stop'.  That's a bummer, and the full force of the many police agencies worked on the case, with the suspect eventually using the gun on himself later on that day.

Today, the ATF released the results of their investigation into how a previously convicted felon could possibly get his hands on a firearm.  The result of their investigation was that our bad guy either got the gun from a gun show, or he inherited it from someone. 

That's not what you would think from the headlines in several newspapers in the area today, though.

Trooper's killer may have bought gun at show, records show

To be fair, with the exception of the Seattle Times, the newspapers in Washington ARE pretty 'fair and balanced' when it comes to firearm related stories...but in this case, it looks like they might be taking sides.

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