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Glad that's finally over.

Not wanting to jinx anything, I haven't really done many updates on the status of our house for sale in Belfair.  The fact is, there hasn't been much to update.  We had a teasing 'this home sale thing is gonna be a breeze' offer in January of 2011 that fell through, and then a WAY low-ball offer that I said no to in August of 2011(of course, the sad thing is that 6 months after saying no to the low-ball offer, we lowered the price to that point anyway....the lesson, as always, this that I am an idiot).

Then, in March of this year, we had not one, but two offers, and we ended up accepting the one where the guy was willing to rent it from us during the extended closing period.  After missing the first closing date, I was a little worried...but I had faith.  It turns out the perspective buyer was the son-in-law of our real estate agent...that made our agent VERY motivated to make things happen. 

Then, last week, we got a bunch of closing paperwork in the mail.  My wife and I sat down with a notary and signed everything and got it back in the mail.  On Monday, we got in contact with our bank and wired away money that could have been used to pay cash for one of these instead. 

Finally, on Friday at 4:06 PM, after over 22 months on the market, we got the official call that we were NO LONGER HOMEOWNERS.

Because we haven't been living in the house, part of it doesn't feel real.  The good news, is we should be getting about half of what I had to send off for closing back...my company will reimburse me broker fees and taxes...but even so, we are taking a fair sized loss....but it should be worth it to not have to make a mortgage payment this month.

I'd like to say I'm going to go buy myself a new toy, but the first priority is the transmission on my F-150...it's had interesting problems with the overdrive for a while now...

And life goes on. 

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  1. I'm glad for you. The loss stinks, but it must be a relief to have the whole thing off your back.