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I call shenanigans!

I have now officially watched more of the DNC than I did of the RNC, but only because one of my buddies made me.  Even then it wasn't the real thing...it was simply a clip on yahoo that had caught my buddies attention, and he wanted someone to share his frustration with.

Back in 2008, the official Party Platform removed some phrasing about things being a 'God-Given Right' and softened some wording about Jerusalem's status as the capital of Israel.  Today, the Democratic leadership held a vote to undo those changes from 2008, and well...it was interesting to say the least.

Because it's yahoo, I can't embed the video, I can only link to it...but it's an interesting two and a half minutes.  The video starts with The Chair(Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa) approving a vote to allow the next vote, the one to change the Platform, to proceed as a voice vote, instead of a formal ballot vote.  Approval of a change requires a 2/3rd majority. 

Now...unless the acoustics are different in person than they were in the video...they didn't get a 2/3rds majority the first time they held the vote...and it caught The Chair totally by surprise.  Then...he held the vote a second time, and I think he was on the verge of saying the No's had it when someone I'm ashamed to admit I don't know stepped in and told him to do it again.  He did so, and despite the fact that it sounded EVEN less like there was a 2/3rd majority...but, he rolled right onto calling it motion passed.

You really have to watch the video...it's horrible.  It's not like I was going to vote Democrat anyways...but after seeing a railroad job like this, I was pretty disgusted.  I hope this pops up in the adds a few times over the next few months. 

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