Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Welcome to the 21st Century!

Yesterday in the mail, I recieved what Tamara would call a Portable Magic Elf Box, a brand new Droid 4 phone/computer/claw hammer. 

I figured I would be a smart alec and just brag about it from work today, using my new phone, but alas, I was WAY outsmarted.  Blogger kept wanting me to establish a whole new account OR use a Google+ account, neither of which I wanted to do, so I didn't.

I think the problem is solved now, and maybe I will try to post 'on the fly' tomorrow.

For now, I find my new phone highly entertaining, and partially terrifying.  Realizing I can carry a 1.2 ghz Duel Core Processor with 1 Gig of RAM in the palm of my hand is...well, sobering.  Didn't think we would be here 20 years ago, and I wonder where we will be 20 years from now.

Deep, hunh?

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