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High expectations for that tomato.

Way back in the spring, my wife picked up 4 heirloom tomato plant starts from a lady she knows.  They weren't super expensive, like $1 a piece.  Since the garden had already been started, we placed them in a few big pots and got them going.

All along, the plants themselves looked pretty decent, and when they finally started blooming a good month after my other tomatoes, I felt pretty good.

UNTIL the growing tomatoes developed 'blossom end rot', kindly identified for me by Alison.  Once I figured out this was terminal, I cut off all the developing tomatoes to spur a 2nd blossoming.  It worked, somewhat.  Earlier today, I pulled this darling looking tomato off one of the plants.

Boy, oh boy, not sure how we are gonna cope with all the spaghetti sauce we get out of those heirloom plants.

It just makes me think that there is a real REASON why we have created all the 'newfangled' non-heirloom type tomatoes that have grown REALLY GOOD in my garden. 

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  1. I've had fairly good luck with my heirlooms. It depends on what types work best in your area. I've found that heirloom types usually have better flavor than the modern varieties.