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For my anniversary earlier this week, in addition to love and affection, my wife also granted me the gift of a Leatherman Wingman.  After being married for 11 years, she has accepted the truth that when in doubt, getting me a knife, flashlight, or multi-tool is a safe way to go. 

I really don't have any brand loyalty when it comes to multi-tools.  Gerber, Leatherman, SOG, Victoronix...I'm fine which whatever is on sale, and I would pick any of those over any Target/Wal-Mart/Sportman's Warehouse or any other cheapo store brand. 

One thing I really like about this Wingman, and I won't say it's unique, but it is an unusual feature in a multi-tool, is it's pocket clip.  No more need for an additional holster on my belt, I can just slip it in my pocket like any of my other knives, and that's what I have done this past week. 

My normal carry knife is a Kershaw Leek.  Compared to that the Leatherman is wider, thicker and heavier, but is actually a bit shorter.  Once it's in my pocket, I can't feel any difference between the Leek and the Leatherman.  That being said, I am a guy who prefers loose fitting jeans, so my pockets are sizable.

Features...well...it's got pliers, and different screw-drivers.  I like that you can access the two main tool without needing to unfold the pliers...a pair of scissors on one side, and a knife blade on the other.  Except for one thing, it is a much more useful device to clutter up ones pocket with.

That one thing is almost so silly I hate to mention it...but...if you were the type to carry an open assist knife for last resort tactical purposes, the Leatherman will come up short in that category.  While the users manual says the knife blade is designed to open one handed, there is no stud on the blade to get a good grip on.  In practice, I AM able to get the blade open one handed, but not always the first time.

Maybe I'll start carrying this in my left pocket, and keep my Kershaw in my right pocket...see if my belt can keep my pants up all day.

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