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The Good Old Days...

It's common in our culture for the more mature among us to reminisce about how cool things 'used to be'.  Well, to that I would say...not always.

Last week my wife and I finished watching all the 'new' Dr. Who episodes available on netflix, and with my wife being on a Girl Scout Cookie delivery to the West Side of the Cascades, and no 'Walking Dead' to distract me, I sat down and attempted to watch 'Dr. Who: The Pyramids of Mars' from 1975. 

Ugh.  I made it about 10 minutes before I had to turn it off. 

Hey...I'm not running down 1975...I was born in 1975. and some good TV shows were on in 1975:  The Jefferson's started, Wonder Woman(not a great example), Saturday Night Live started, and M.A.S.H. was still on. 

But that old Doctor Who was rough stuff.  Obviously, the stories MUST have been good, or there wouldn't have been a push to get the series I enjoy on TV, so I appreciate and respect what went before...I just can't watch it. 

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  1. The old Doctor Who could only have been enjoyed when compared to what else was out there, in my opinion much like Star Trek on the little tube. Even then we knew it was ridiculous, sort of, they both were just unique. They filled gaps otherwise empty.

    I don't like old or new Dr. Who though, anymore. Too much other moderate to good stuff has filled that void for me. And actually, computer games allow me to be an active participant rather than passive viewer. Then again, I have turned off the tube, only getting television back for my mother when she visits.