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Much ado about very little...

My wife and I don't always agree on 100% of stuff in the world, which is good.  Life would be boring if we were BOTH perfect.

One of the current things we have different viewpoints on is the brouhaha about the way Secret Service employees are spending their time when they are out of country.

My wife is one of the 'OMG, What they are doing is SOOOOO horrible' crowd.

Me?  Maybe it's because for a while I lived the hard-partying Navy life...but I don't see the big deal .  What these guys were doing in Columbia, and allegedly doing in Moscow, and El Salvador was not illegal there.  I refuse to hold them to any higher standard than I held myself or my co-workers to in the Navy, or myself or my co-workers to in The Shipyard when we were off-station.  You work long, stressfull hours, you are gonna blow off some steam.

Now, if it turns out these guys were using their government credit cards, or expense accounts to fund these activities...that's a problem.  If it turns out they were doing this when The President was IN the hotel, well, that's a problem also.  So far, though, it sounds like most of this activity was taking place on 'advance trips', which sounds a bit like a boon-doggle to me anyway, or on trips with former President Bill Clinton. 

If your primary responsibilty is protecting a former President, I have to think the 'perks' are much higher for protecting Clinton than protecting Jimmy Carter.  If you had the choice of building Habitat for Humanity houses, or making sure a sex club in Moscow was safe...well, sometimes you just have to jump on that grenade. 


  1. Maybe you can teach the Mrs. I am not holding my breath, though she may be. I like it when girls turn blue in the face over stuff. "OMG, your such a man!" :)

  2. Life would be boring if we were BOTH perfect.

    And yet, she puts up with you anyway!

    Also, I somehow doubt stiffing local businesswomen is acceptable anywhere. Yeah, haggling is a thing, but not "Sorry about the $600 I was supposed to pay you; here's forty bucks."

  3. Well, see, you have to pay for services rendered. My wife was trying to make a point about their wives, and if they are married, I agree, hiring a prostitute is wrong. Goes without saying, I hope....