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Checking it twice...

Heading to the store here in a bit so I can begin my two day cooking adventure.  Somewhere along the way, I ended up with 13 folks here for Easter Dinner tomorrow.  The upside is that there isn't one of these folks that will have me rumbling, grumbling or questioning why THEY are here.  Friends one and all, which makes this easier.

The only real negative is that I only bought a 10-pound bone in ham, and I am not sure I am going to get 13 servings of ham out of it(and if I do, the there will be NOTHING left to put in bean soup!!!!!!).  To protect against a lack of protein, I also picked up a package of pork tenderloin.  I follow Alton Brown's City Ham recipe, and so the final cooking stage at 350 degrees should let me get the tenderloin and ham done at the same time. My results from the City Ham recipe have never been less than staggering. 

On the side, we are going to have mashed potatoes, and broiled lemon-pepper asparagus.  The wife is throwing together a salad. 

None of this is tough, so far.  What's going to make it tough is the coordination required to get Brigid's Rosemary and Sea Salt Rolls to the table warm.  Making the dough isn't going to be too tough(although I think I will need two batches).  Baking them so they are still warm and fresh is... I think I will have a window while I am peeling the fat off the ham to cook the rolls.  My only other option is letting the ham rest, and hope it stays warm while the rolls are cooking at the very end.  Or cooking the rolls, and then tossing them back in to warm up again...these rolls are just SOOOOOOO good with warm, dripping butter.

Finally, I will start tonight with making a carrot cake.  One of my friends wives said she is bringing desert...but I hate to trust fate.  I will make Alton Brown's Carrot Cake.  Like most of his recipes, it seems a little more complex than it needs to be...but in the end, it always proves worth it. 

Yup...in the end, Alton and Brigid are my muses...a guy can do worse. 

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