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Baker? Yes. Decorator? Ummm...well, ya' see...

I have my supplemental pork marinating for tomorrow, and my gingersnaps are all ground up for my ham coating.  I also have my carrot cake baked, frosted and in the fridge.

It's the first time I have tried following Alton's carrot cake recipe.  The worst part is having to shred the carrots.  My wife bought a big ol' bag of them, and some of them were quite thin and flimsy...not ideal for shredding. 

The cake smelled great in the oven and while it was cooling...and the cream cheese frosting I got on my hands tasted outstanding...I'm just not sure about the asthetic appeal...

I'd like to say my 6-year old helped me with the decorating, but nope...I deserve all the credit. 

Hey...I know they are carrots.  YOU know they are carrots...the question is would a random person in August know they are carrots?

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  1. My "Epic Cookies" turned out great, so I can say "I've done better." OTOH, I've done (ever so much) worse, and you will never see the pictures!

    I'd offer you extra points for bravery, but it's actually pretty cute, so you aren't really that brave for posting it.

    Oh, and I want some.