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Shows that should come with a disclaimer...

Some shows are pretty good about covering their butt's with disclaimers, like Mythbusters, and 1000 Ways to Die.  Some, like Diners, Drive-In's and Dives, don't post a disclaimer, but should.

Yesterday I was watching Triple D(that's what us 'insiders' call it), and someplace he was visiting was making bacon wrapped hot dogs.

Why...I have bacon and hot dogs in the freezer!

Yeah...they came out tasting about like you would expect(which was good).  The only real negative was since I had to use toothpicks to keep the bacon on, I couldn't get the bacon on the side of the dog crispy.  I did it long enough that it was cooked, it just stayed a bit chewy.

Looking back, this might be almost as bad of an idea as when I was watching Deadliest Catch and I decided to whip up a few Duck Farts(Kahlua, Bailey's, and Crown) 'just because' I had everything in the house.

Ask me tomorrow morning...


  1. Triple D is evil. Husband I have a LIST of places to eat at if we're ever in such n so area....

  2. +1 Ruth

    As for the hotdogs though... Why didn't YOU put up a warning? Oh, I know you hemmed and hawed about it, but... Now I'm gonna have to do just what you did! Hmm, might make enough to take to the neighbors. I think I will try to work the toothpicks to get it all crispy though. I use plastic toothpicks, but could by some wooden for this and other recipes.

    I've got a bad heart, but it was a virus (they suspect). My arteries and cholesterol (et. al.) numbers are all excellent and I eat butter, lard, bacon, and such to my heart's content, plus drink two to three gallons of whole milk a week, and have my whole life. Is that luck, or... not. Anyway, thanks:)