Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Terrifying, and more terrifying.

While doing a little internet cruising today, I found two stories that are different, yet each one terrifying in it's own way.

10-year-old girl gives birth in Colombia

Ex-Girlfriend Busted for Brutal Scrotum Attack

Of the two, I would say from a 'scenario that terrifies me' viewpoint, the one about the 10-year old giving birth is worse.  My older daughter turns 10 in June(terrifying in itself).  I can't picture her pregnant.  I mean...I can't picture her engaging in the acts that would lead to pregnancy.  As far as I am aware, my daughter has never even held hands with a boy. 

Home-schooling for the win, yet again.

I realize, that according to this story, the girl belongs to a native tribe in Columbia.  My wife assures me that menstruation can start at age 10(and that I need to be getting ready for it in my daughter(she's turning 10 in June!), and I am aware that in many tribes, the onset of menstruation is what matters when it comes time to talk about 'coming of age' ceremonies. 

I also don't care.  One day my daughter is going to be a beautiful woman...as she is now, NO ONE should be getting sexually excited by, or involved with, her. 


Now...the whole scrotum thing is quite horrible, but, not as bad as the pregnancy just because it is an INDIVIDUAL problem, as opposed to the pain and agony I would be going through while watching my daughter deal with her problems associated with pregnancy. 

Besides...to make a woman mad enough that she tries(and mostly succeeds) to tear your scrotum off with her bare hands, you must have done something to deserve it. 

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