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With the temperature predicted to hit 80 today, and 85 tomorrow, I had to buckle down and get some serious gardening wrapped up.  Some of it was grunt work...doing one last folding in of compost and quality dirt in the planned vegetable garden.  I hope to be able to get some things in the ground early this next week...maybe even tomorrow.

The other thing I wanted to get going vegetation wise was some herbs.  My wife took a tea making class a few months ago, and bought a whole bunch of herb seeds.  It's also one of the reasons she ended up getting a dehydrator for her birthday.  The only problem is she lost the seeds.  Okay...not lost, just 'misplaced'. 

Today she gave up on finding them, and ran to the store to buy new seeds. She came back with 14 plants instead of seeds, which caused me to get pouty, because seeds are cheaper than starter plants, but then she gave me a hug, and said she would pot them herself...so I got unpouty again.  She bought a few types of mint, chamomile, stevia, parsley, rosemary, a few types of basil, lavender, and marjoram. 

We are a bit different on this plant/vegetable thing.  I am trying to start as much as possible from seeds for my garden, mostly from a 'proving I can do it' standpoint.  In a way, buying starter plants feels like cheating.  If the Schumer does hit the fan, you aren't going to wal-mart and buying a flat of peppers and tomatoes.  You have to be able to grow from seeds.  So far, that means I'm eating a lot of zuchinni and squash following TEOTWAWKI. 

My wife just wants fresh herbs so she can play with her dehydrator, and the plants will make that happen a lot sooner than starting from seeds. 

Besides...sooner or later we'll find the seeds, and I can try starting them to see how I do.


  1. I bought plants for my husband's hot peppers. Everything else is coming from seeds this year. I'm proud of myself, I've only killed half the seedlings so far....

  2. Yeah, I'm 0-14 on trying to get peppers started from seed. Several types, and two different types of starting soil. Those, and tomatoes, I will break down and buy sprouted plants.