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I'm 100% fine with punishing people who are guilty of firearms offences to the maximum extant of the law.  Of course, I am also fine with punishing ANY legal violation to the maximum extant of the law.  Forgiving person I am not.

Sometimes though, localities get a little carried away.  Whether it's because they want to 'make an example' or are just clinging to ignorance, who knows...but there are times I want to shake my head.

Case in point: Back in October, according to the official story, a guy dropped a 9mm Glock in an apartment.  The gun 'went off' and fired a bullet into the apartment below, where spent bullet pieces/debris hit a girl without causing any injury.  The gun was originally collected and kept by the police during the shooting investigation....but now the City Attorney doesn't want to give the gun back to it's owner, even though he wasn't home when his brother dropped the gun! 

Things aren't over yet...there is supposed to be a hearing on Wednesday.  It's just an extra pain and expense being forced upon this guy...

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