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Learning every day...

Occasionally, as you go through life, you are going to see things that make you go Hmmm.  Sometimes it's neat, sometimes it's fascinating, and sometimes it's something that maybe you should have already known. 

Today, I had one of the 'how did I not know that' moments...and it's so dumb I hope I don't make your brain hurt reading it.

I'm trying to learn to handle a vegetable garden...but when it comes to 'flowering' gardens, I'm fairly ignorant.  The place we owned in Belfair had a yard full of Rhododendron bushes, and we used to put in a few flat's of annuals...but we never really messed with bulbs.  Now since moving in here, we have been enjoying the fruits of other folks labor, with a succession of crocuses, daffodil's and now tulip's coming in. 

Folks...as someone who has only dealt with tulips that I have bought for my wife at the grocery store....I didn't know that tulips OPEN during the day, and close up again at night!  The ones I've had in a vase didn't do that...

Man do I feel like a city slicker...they sure are pretty though. 

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