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Cooking is my excuse...

Getting ready for a sizable Easter Dinner, I didn't seem to have time to make it to church this morning. 

The reason I go to church at all is for my wife and kids....a little unity and consistency by the parents never hurts.  I wasn't raised religous, and haven't found 'faith' on my own.  That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the message The Church puts out...I mean...how can you not approve of a message that says 'Do good things, and live your life properly'?  So...I go, and more often than not, I find myself agreeing with the point of the sermon.  The pastor and I arrive at the same destination...I just take the scenic route.  I mean, two years in a row I have volunteered to help with Sharefest...half of the 'religous' types going to church don't do that...

My two least favorite days to actually go to church are Christmas and Easter.  The crowding is part of it...I've got a craw in my throat for hypocrites, and yeah, I consider Easter/Christmas Christians to be at least minor hypocrites.  I agree with my wife...you can be religious without going to church, and it SHOULD just be about your relationship with the God of your choice...but...hey, going more than twice a year isn't tough.

My big issue with those two days is that on those days, the story of Jesus takes priority over the Live a Good Life message...which probably makes perfect sense to The Faithful.  I however have just enough Jewish background that those two days make ME feel like a Hypocrite.  Because I don't Believe...I tend to mumble certain things are Church while rubbing blue mud in my belly button. 

So...since I don't want my negative vibe cramping anyone elses style...I tend just to stay away on those days.

Next year though, I need an easier to follow up on excuse than dinner for 13 folks....

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