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Ghetto Gardening

Back at the beginning of March, I started a bunch of seeds indoors, based on what I perceived as a warning trend in the weather. 

Here in the real world though, the weather(two days in a row last week it was less than 30 degrees overnight) and my motivation have betrayed me.  While the weather is rapidly warming up(it's not supposed to be less than 42 this whole week) my garden plot is not yet ready to receive.

No one told my beans this though, and two or three of my bean plants are ready to start climbing. 

The solution is not satisfactory, but after 24 hours, the beans seem happy. 

Yes...that is a curtain rod in the one on the right.  On the left, it's half a curtain rod shoved on a wood dowel, with strings running down into the dirt to keep it steady.

They pots should be plenty big enough.  I chose two different sizes to maybe see if the smaller one would get root bound by the end of the season...research about pot size for the future. 

Now I just need to look for a good fertilizer.  I don't worry about the pots being big enough, but I know plants in containers can exhaust their nutrients quickly.  

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