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Can't wait until fall to try this again...

A few weeks ago, my wife, in an effort to create a 'meat-less' meal, cooked up a very tasty batch of Rosemary White Bean Soup.  

Yesterday, she decided to make it again, with a few changes.  Change one involved using some Goya Ham Concentrate I bought her for her birthday.  Change two involved me heating a skillet of elk cheddar sausage on the side.  We left the sausage separate so that folks like me(and the girls) could add the sausage as desired, while my wife could stick to her pure version.

Both changes made the soup even better, moving it from 'that's pretty good territory' to 'put this in the rotation NOW!' territory. 

While she was making her soup, I decided to crank out a batch of fresh rolls, settling on this recipe

Yeah...they were pretty good, and along with the soup made an excellent dinner.  But...

Yesterday was flirting with 80, and the next two days are over 80.  Summer is not here yet, but it's on the way, and even yesterday I thought it was too hot for soup and fresh rolls for dinner. 

Is it September yet?  

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  1. Glad you found a way to get meat in. I simply can't live without it. But... women seem to be able to live without nearly so much meat. I miss chili and fried chicken in the summer, and beef roast. Actually, I haven't figured out a summer menu yet, at all. I hope I can remember this recipe though. I'm storing a link to it, but... I'm not as good as squirrels at digging these nuggets back up.

    I hope it cools just enough that you might get one more of these in, either before summer or sometime during it. Not sure where you live, but... where I am, that will be unlikely. Still, there is always the potential?