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Oh, you came close to fooling me, Lifetime...

I was flipping through the channels the other day, when a commercial for a new TV show caught my eye. 

Folks...I'm here to tell you...I am a sucker for a pretty girl, and nice hair, and a pleasing, healthy body...and for over 15 years, Jennifer Love-Hewitt has punched all those buttons.  She might not be the worlds best actress, but(Misogyny Alert!), she is one of the 5 or 6 women in this world pretty enough to get me watch a show just because she is in it.  I mean...The Ghost Whisperer is NOT that good...but I have watched plenty of it on netflix.

The only question is, is she pretty enough to get me to watch a show on the Lifetime Network?  The answer...probably not...but I think the only thing really keeping me away is that it isn't on until 10PM, and that's my bedtime on a week night. 

To keep me up past 10, and watching Lifetime, a show would have to have both Jennifer Love-Hewitt AND Christina Hendriks in it, with Miranda Lambert singing the theme song...

I am looking forward to catching 'The Client List' on netflix in 18 months....

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