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Doesn't look like much, but...

If you are in to cooking, and you don't already know about foodgawker, allow me to recommend it to you.  Essentially, it's like pinterest...but it's nothing but recipes.  So far, there isn't one I have tried that I haven't enjoyed.

Of course, that could just be my mad kitchen skills.

Today was an attempt to find something to do with the bags of lentils we have...other than sprouting them for our chickens.  The beef and lentil soup I made did not disappoint...even if it looked a little uninspiring in the pot.

Instead of the lean ground beef the original recipe called for, I used a pound of ground venison.  I also subbed a scallion, so I could use what I had in the house. 

Right from the pot, the soup/stew reminded me of the best chipped beef I had ever had.  It would be outstanding on baked potatoes or even a good toast(which is what we intend to do with the leftovers).

The little romano potato puffs?  Perfection...and the porter from Scuttlebutt Brewery in Everett was a great compliment to the meal...and the result was almost photogenic.

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