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While I was off gallivanting around with Whore 1 and Whore 3(hey...that's really their roles!) at rehearsal last night, my wife was busy in the kitchen.  I came home to two batches of muffins, and one loaf of chocolate chip banana bread.

I've got to tell you...sometimes I lead a hard life.

In this case the 'hard' part is doing the right thing, and just having a slice or two of this bread for breakfast(leaving some behind for the wife and kids) instead of just throwing the whole thing in a bag and bringing it in to work to gnaw on all day.

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  1. You know, I could take that whole post a long ways. My guess is, it was written just so. Just so you knows... I'm chuckling and clucking like a hen at the same time. And enjoying every moment of it, in this case.