Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


So Ronery.

Well, I'm all alone this weekend.  My mom is getting married in July, and so my wife took the kids over to visit her and get some flower girl/brides maid dress fittings done.  Due to the 'wet' weather pattern we've had the last few weeks(bad for travel, good for drought threats) my wife decided that rather than try to make it through the mountain passes(which have been closing for hours at a time for avalanche controls), she would play it safe and take the longer way, driving south to Portland, and then north on I-5.  It's 7.5 hours in ideal circumstances vs. 4 hours in ideal circumstances going through the mountains...but recent conditions are not ideal.

It's a 'devil you know' type situation. 

Anyway, she made is there safe and sound...but, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to do a 14 hour round trip for one night, so she headed over Thursday, and will come back Sunday.

That means I have to entertain myself, and the cats, and the spider, and the snake, and the chickens for three days.

It also means I have to take care of the litter box on my own for a few days, which is the real source of my pain. I mean...I do miss the wife and kids.  After the first two hours or so, 'alone time' starts to get boring.  But....I know for certain, that if I ever find myself 'alone' for long stretches of time...I will have cats, but I will also invest in one of those automatically cleaning litter boxes.

I recommend you click on the song...it's funny, but turn off your 'takes offense easily' switch first.

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