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That is just not very good.

I stopped by the grocery store yesterday on my way home from work for just 'one or two' things, and of course, the marketers know what they are doing, and I totally fell victim to an end cap display of Lay's potato chips.  Not just any end cap though...an end cap promoting the 'flavored' Lay's, and their new contest to help them pick the next flavor of Lay's to take mainstream.

My impulse buy was a bag of 'Chicken and Waffles' flavor chips.

Color me unimpressed. 

Now...not being from the south, and having never eaten at a Waffle House, I don't have a lot of baseline for what Chicken and Waffles are supposed to taste like...but it can't be what these chips taste like. I have more faith in my fellow American's...even the southern ones, than to think they would be excited for the flavor that is coming out of this bag. 

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