Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


I'm not going to question the official story, but...

Happy ending(well, sad if you were the cougar) for a wild animal/hard working family encounter.

11-year-old Twisp girl kills cougar

Hey...if dad wants the official story to be that his daughter is a hero...I've got no problem with that.  I'd be willing to bet a sizable amount of cash though, that what really happened is that dad put a round into said cougar, and then drove his daughter to the local hardware store and got her a cougar tag, instead of wasting his...because that is hypothetically something I would think of doing in a similar situation.


The bigger story here is that, if I do my math, this is the 10th cougar killed in this area this winter...5 by hunters, and 5 by a special hunt done using dogs by the Department of Fish and Wildlife Department.

You mean as we allow the wolf population to grow unchecked, cougars are suffering and being forced into more and more contact with humans. 


  1. Version B -- Dad puts a round into cougar stalking his little boy - Admirable and should be end of story.
    But knowing how the .gov realizes he already filled his tag and comes up with a revision to reality.

    Not a problem for me any way it went down

  2. And that could also very well a possible truth. Either way works for me. I agree with you...whatever you can do to keep things straight on paper, and keep .gov from digging too deep, feel free to do.