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What's more Navy than that?!?!??!

It's a new world out there, and if you don't believe it, here's a story out of Florida, where a Captain and a Command Master Chief have been relieved of duty because they  “wrongfully affiliated the U. S. Navy with businesses that are not representative of the Navy and DoD's high standards,”.

The businesses in question?  Local strip clubs.

Big sigh here folks...and at the risk of offending people, I'm not joking when I say there is not much MORE representative of the Navy than nudie bars in Cocoa Beach.  Some of the most memorable(and expensive) nights of my single life took place when the boat I was on was in Cocoa Beach for Weapons Testing.  I helped many a struggling college girl pay for a semester or two.  I was a regular White Knight. 

The funny thing is, that's it's perfectly okay for commands located in Connecticut to seek out Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun Casino, places of adult entertainment, as sponsors for events, but god forbid the commands in Florida seek out the deep pockets at The Inner Room, or Lido's Cabaret. 

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