Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


That's a lot of breadsticks.

What with the wife and I actually heading out for a Valentine's Date Night, the kids were being left home with a sitter, and pizza. 

Since it's Valentine's Day, tradition dictated we get the heart shaped pepperoni pizza from Papa Murphy's.(which looked a lot more heart shaped on the photo-shopped poster).

However, the point of this is not to make fun of how different things like pizza and Kim Khardashian look due to photo-shop.   I was at Papa Murphy's pretty early in the day, planning ahead, so they were pre-staging, and using every bit of their free time to make up these heart shaped pizzas before the evening rush.  Good time management.

Now, I had assumed that the heart shaped pizza dough's came that way...but it's more economical for them to just crank out a bunch of their large pizza dough forms, and then use a man-sized heart shaped cookie cutter to get it to the right shape. 

The downside of this is that there is an apple sized bundle of dough that is removed from each pizza crust, which the guy behind the counter was tossing into a plastic tote box.

After five minutes or so, my curiosity got the better of me, and I asked if the removed dough went into the back to be recycled into more pizza's, or...?

It turns out, no.  By the Papa Murphy's rules, the dough has been prepared for serving once, and even though it is trimmed off before going to a customer, it is no No Good.  I'm guessing, just during the time I was there, at ONE Papa Murphy's, I saw two pizza crusts worth of dough go into this tote.

I'm pretty sure the guy behind the counter sensed my disappointment...of course, with the frown and sad head shake, it wouldn't have been tough.  There didn't seem much sense in blasting him though...I'm not guessing this policy was created by the 23-year old kid who was behind the counter yesterday, and the fact is, the folks at my local Papa Murphy's have always been polite and friendly.

I am kicking myself though for not asking if I could be standing at the dumper when they disposed of that tote of dough.

My chickens would LOVE a weeks worth of pizza crust to snack on.

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