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Something missing

With us doing a homeschooling lesson on the Olympics(and tying it into geography and culture for the gold medal winners), I'm watching a fair amount of the coverage...and it has felt like something is missing.

Today, it finally popped into my head.

NBC is not showing the medal award ceremonies. 

I don't expect them to televise every awards ceremony, but it would be nice if they showed the ones where the U.S. was on the podium...especially the gold.  The tears and national anthem add another level to the games...it's increasingly the only thing that separates the Winter X Games from the Winter Olympics.

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  1. When they mentioned that on our local talk radio station (WOAI Am1200) Charlie Parker told us that they have those ceremonies in a different part of the complex entirely.
    he and his crew couldn't figure out why they couldn't put a fixed cameras there and streamed it live.

    Personally I think it's got too much pro American nationalism with the flag, the Anthem and tears....