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Somber, and not nearly thankful enough.

Our new world of 'social media' makes it much easier to stay in touch with people we don't get to see regularly.  Unfortunately, that doesn't always bring good news.

The sister of my long time good friends...a girl I have known for 25+ years, is going through a bad time...and has for quite a while.  You see, both her sons have Muscular Dystrophy, and in both cases, it's the Duchenne type, which is the worst of a bad lot.  Symptoms get bad between ages 8-10, and the disease can prove fatal anytime after the mid-teens.

In this case, the disease has pretty much followed this timeline.  The young man(whom I have written about before) has been in a wheel chair since 11....and has spent the last two weeks in an out of ICU.  His 14th Birthday is this Sunday...and earlier this week his mom expressed the hope that he would make it through his birthday, and get to see the Seahawks win the Superbowl(no pressure, Seattle)...because, it's looking really touch and go.

In addition to this....they had to have The Talk with him.  You see...it sounds like the have never really totally discussed with him just how sick he is.  I can't fault them for that, because I have no freaking idea how you have that conversation with your own barely teenaged child.

When my oldest was born a few weeks early, she was having some immediate breathing problems, so she was air-lifted away to a hospital with a NICU.  By the time she got there, her breathing was fine, but prior to release, she got a bad case of jaundice.  All told, she spent about 5 days in the hospital, and has never had much more than a sniffle since. 

Both my girls are surprisingly healthy.  I think they got some of my constitution...and stories like this make me realize how much I have taken this for granted.

I don't pray often...but I am praying for Quincy and his family...as well as saying a prayer of thanks. 

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