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Expensive Kitchen Experiment.

Around Valentine's Day, some consumables go from being prohibitively expensive to just 'kind of expensive'.  I decided to take advantage of that momentary dip in prices to make attempt to make something for my New England born and raised wife that she has been suffering in silence without for years: Lobster Bisque.

While my wife enjoys lobster, what she really thinks of when you mention lobster are either lobster rolls, or lobster bisque.  Since you can't find the proper slit-top hot dog buns anywhere in Washington to make lobster rolls, it had to be the bisque.

It's not a tough recipe to pull together...the hardest part is make sure to get every last bit of not cheap meat out of the shell, before you essentially use the shells to make a lobster stock, and then you add everything else in, before heating the lobster meat back up and adding it to the individual bowls at the end. 

The only thing I was less than satisfied with was the thickness.  Bisque should cling to a spoon, and this one wouldn't....but, my wife likes her bisque over mashed potatoes, and that helped to thicken it.

Now that I know what is involved, and that I can make this properly, I suspect that the next time I try it, I will try to use slightly cheaper, locally sourced ingredients...something like Dungeness Crab, or shrimp.

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