Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


It sounded like a good deal at the time.

Leading up to Christmas, one of the things my older daughter wanted was a tarantula.  You know...a spider, to be her pet...something she could keep in her room.

Well, my wife and I had already kind of worked out what we had planned to get for her, and a tarantula was NOT on the list.  Instead, we made a deal.  If she completed her responsibilities to the other animals(cats and chickens) satisfactorily for the month of January, without needing to be reminded, we would help her out with getting a spider.

Of course, my daughter had a kick-ass month of January...and after stalling last weekend because of the Superbowl, the time finally came to pay up.

Meet the newest member of the household.

Chickens outside...cats, a snake, and a spider inside.  Quite the menagerie we are building around here.

Might be time for me to move out. 

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