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Color me intriqued.

Because I frequent many entertainment-type websites, I had been aware that a remake of Godzilla was coming out this year.  After the 'baby Godzilla's are just like velociraptors' suckfest that was the Mathew Broderick staring take back in 1998, I really didn't care much.

Even the news that the had Ken Watanabe and Bryan Cranston, fresh from his Breaking Bad success didn't excite me much.

However...this trailer...it's got me a little tiny bit excited.

Godzilla comes out May 16th...and that's going to make things tough on me, because(especially if I want to take my wife), we really only get to see a movie every month or two, and the weekend after Godzilla opens, we get what is probably my most anticipated movie of 2014...

Choices, choices, choices.  Of course, my wife could send me to see one of them alone, like I did to her with Monuments Men...but, I kind of like watching movies with my wife. 

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