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Build a better mousetrap.

We have mice in our garage.

I'm hoping this is less a reflection upon ourselves, and more that it is late winter, and by this point, most garages that are not 100% vapor sealed have a chance of having mice in them. 

I had seen indications that there might be something like this going on for a few months, but after Christmas, we placed a box of 'stuff' in the garage to go to goodwill 'sometime'.  Last week, while going through it make sure my wife wasn't donating them anything of mine I was unaware of, I found proof...little black proof of mice.  So, sorry goodwill...that is why your didn't get a box of lightly used clothes and housewares from me this year.

While locking my younger cat in the garage for a week was a potential solution, I decided to try more modern methods, and picked up a few traps on clearance at Che Target earlier this week.

The results were less than satisfactory.  I found the trap tripped two mornings in a row, with no mouse.  The 2nd time, it had been moved over a foot, and a close forensic inspection showed a little fur and maybe even a little flesh...but no dead mouse.

Time to use a bigger gun.  I stopped at ACE yesterday and picked up a pack of these bad boys.

That badboy is the Victor Power Kill Mouse Trap...and I'll spare you the picture proof, but let's just say, it got the job done in classic, medieval style fashion. 

I have redeployed, and the chickens are waiting patiently.  I'm glad the mouse was already dead when I gave it to the chickens this morning.  They played keep away with each other for about 5 minutes this morning before the mouse came apart on them. 

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