Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Yeah, I'm a pig.

No, this confession isn't about my eating habits.  As far as that goes, I'm trying to be good, even while my wife is gone.  We had out costume fittings for my show last week, and with the measurements being taken back before Christmas....well, mine fits, but dropping 3 or 4 pounds would help prevent some kind of tragic wardrobe malfunction when I bend over.

Nope...I realized I am a pig because I am fascinated by the culmination of scientific and marketing prowess that resulted in Sports Illustrated send Kate Upton out in one of the specially modified 727's for a zero gravity bikini shoot

In the interests of legality(and my happy, happy marriage to a wonderful woman), if you are the type of male(or female) that would find pictures of buxom, blondes with and amazing smiles worth looking at(in other words, you have a pulse), feel free to click on the link above.  Ms. Upton, one of the few mainstream(non-plus sized) models with what I would call Curves(notice the capital C), benefits from zero gravity...but let's face it...she is pretty even without it. 

Just like my wife...and don't you forget it. 

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