Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Gotta keep the shotgun handy.

As I mentioned earlier, my wife and kids are off visiting the World's Greatest Nana, with the primary purpose being bridesmaids/flower girl dress fittings for Nana's wedding in July. 

This of course leads to the impossible to ignore photo evidence that my daughters are growing up.

Here is my 8-year old, slotted in as a flower girl.

I'm not sure if the sweater is part of the outfit or not, but....women's fashions, who knows.

As for my 11-year old, who was playing with Legos and tinker toys on Wednesday...always a bridesmaid, never ever a bride if daddy has his way.

As you can tell, she is almost as amused as I am. She really isn't much of a dress girl, but she had a conversation or two with mom about the need to humor Nana in this case.

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