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I know folks in 3/4's of the rest of the U.S. might not be impressed by this...but we have actually gotten snow accumulation here three days in a row, which is quite unusual in the Tri-Cities area.  We are usually cold enough for snow, we just lack the moisture.

Not this weekend though.  I'd say we have about 5 inches on the ground right now, which is as much as I have seen on the ground in my three years of living here.

The chickens are less than impressed...but they are easier to see against the white background.

I'm enough of a spoiling freak that I went out with a rake and shovel to clear them a path between their coop and the food/water...before I did my own stairs and walkway.  Luckily, as cold as we have been, it's a very dry, flighty snow...it's easier to clean the snow away with a stiff bristle broom than it is with a shovel(which I lack...just call me Atlanta...I'm unprepared!)
They are currently taking turns sitting on the feeder and water fountain, which makes more work for my daughter, because when chickens need to poop, they just poop, even if it goes into the food/water. 
I am currently enjoying a 2nd cup of coffee while I watch The Soup and eat my peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes that I made 'for the girls'.  The snow is nice on Sunday's when you really don't need to be anywhere.
We'll see if I am as accepting of it at 5:30 tomorrow morning.


  1. On the other side of the Cascades Dad had over 10 inches of snow, more than he remembers ever seeing at that house.

  2. place your feeders on a couple of bricks, high enough to get them off the poopdeck, but low enough they still feed normally