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I'm not in marketing, but....

Sometimes, the right product name makes all the difference.  I mean, 'zipper' vs. 'hookless fastener'.  People aren't buying Kindle's if you call the 'Nook's'. 

Yesterday one of the guys I work with brought some of these in:

I mean...I'm enough of an eater(plus, the container is transparent) to know that these are glazed cake donuts. But, you stand back and say 'glazed yeast rings' three times fast, and it sounds like something that would cause you to breakup with a girlfriend(yup, she's pretty, but I found out she got glazed yeast rings from her previous boyfriend).

Did I eat them?  Well, yeah...I mean, the guy brought them into work for that reason...I'm not gonna be rude.

I did stop at one though...I would hate for my wife to ask me what strange woman gave me glazed yeast rings.           

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