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You missed a little high...

A positive gun story out of the Everett area, where a bystander got involved in a potentially dangerous situation, drawing his gun and firing a round to get a guy to stop chasing a woman with a knife.  Sadly, the shot he fired was into the air, and not the bad guy, but HE did put an end to the situation. 

Hey...the gentleman with the gun did the right thing.  He stepped in and prevented what could have been a rape, murder, or worse.  Plus, he is saying the right thing...by invoking that he was worried for the woman's life, he should be covered legally from drawing his gun.

The thing is, he would have been just as covered putting the round center-of-mass as he would have firing it into the air.  I wasn't there...one would hope that he was still in a position to permanently stop the bad guy if his warning shot hadn't stopped things. 

My biggest concern now is the bad guy.  The story says that the potential victim in this case made herself scarce.  Unless she comes forward again, it might prove difficult to get the maximum possible conviction against the bad guy. 

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  1. F'im. Either do, or do not. He did not. I truly despise cowards. Drawing a gun only means one thing, he did not do so. Period.