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Bright and early.

It's my Friday off, and of course, I am up and getting ready to head out the door at 6am.  Bless you, Home Depot for being open early enough that I don't feel I am wasting part of the day staring at the wall.

Today is kind of my big day to make some progress at the new house.  My wife has completed painting both the girls rooms(totally unnecessary in my mind, as they were both nice green, browns and blues...but my wife has some point about 'girl colors', a point totally blown out of the water by the fact that my older daughter chose to keep the green on two of her wall, and go 'fossil'(not quite white) on the other walls. 

My chore list for the day is getting a 4th shelving unit for the garage, and then removing a nasty old storage cabinet that the previous owners screwed into a wall in the garage.  Following that, I need to get the closet shelving units installed in at least one girls bedroom.  We are going with this ClosetMaid ShelfTrack kit...it's what we have in the master bedroom of the place we are renting, and it seems like a fairly sturdy setup.  The only real skills required on my part are being able to use a stud finder, a level, and a drill, all of which I should be able to do.

After that, time permitting, I need to decide between working inside more, or outside.  Outside, the grapes growing along the fence have not been cut back since the fall, and if I don't do something soon, things are going to get fricking crazy with them this summer.  Some of these varieties of grapes can put on 20+ feet of new growth a season.  Inside, down in the laundry room, at one point the previous owners tried to turn the space under the stairs into storage shelves.  Most of it looks okay, but one of the shelves, they used left over drywall as a shelf, instead of the 1 X 4's they used on the other two shelves.  This will need fixing at some point...the drywall already sags in the middle, and I don't trust it hold nearly as much compact weight(like ammo cans) as a shelf made of 1 X 4's could. 

Well, the time, as they say, is wasting. 

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  1. Perfect timing for pruning grape vines is Valentine's Day, according to tribal lore.