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Keys, Please.

Well, it's happened.  Yesterday, we went and signed our closing paperwork for our new house, and this evening at 5:40 we, got the keys.

In a purely symbolic move, the first thing we moved into the new house was this:

Yes, it's a cactus...but it's special cactus.  Almost 12 years ago, this cactus was part of the centerpiece on our table our wedding reception.  I has survived being moved from Connecticut, to Washington, where it resided in Poulsbo, Silverdale, and then Belfair before we moved to Richland.  Over 2.5 years in Richland, it has been moved between 3 rental places, before now settling in at our new house...where hopefully it will stay for a few years.
We never meant to have to move 4 times in little over two years...it just kind of happened.  We knew the first apartment we rented in Richland was a stop gap...and then we became the victim of alternate bouts of hope and despair in the selling of our house which led us to move from one rental to another, until we found the house we wanted to buy, after almost giving up and deciding to keep renting another year.
The next few weeks promise to be busy...but it's one of those things I KNOW will be worth it in the long run.  


  1. I will be curious, in about three months, in how you would compare moving into a house, actually a new home (as I thinking renting is different with the goal of buying an actual home) and... having your first then second child. See, I just bought my first home (urhm, quite the experience and continuing), but I haven't ever had a child, yet. Urhm, technically, or my own... or... in my... Well, I haven't had any of my children in my home, or with me, or... Anyway, so I am curious. As I've cleaned up, I'm still hopeful that might happen. I've got the wife greenhouse going (home), I just need, well... the wife. That will probably fix the no children thing, too. ;p

  2. Congratulations! You must be so relieved; now you can put down some roots for the girls!