Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


You aren't gonna ruin this for me!

Last night the wife had her monthly bunco party, so I took the girls out for dinner.  We don't do this every month(sometimes we stay home and have pancakes, out of concern for the budget, plus the girls LOVE pancakes). 

Anyway, there we were at Atomic Ale, which, all in all, is my favorite place to eat in Richland, splitting a cheese pizza and a HUGE bowl of the best potato soup in the world.  My older daughter looks at the glass of Dunkelweizen, she asks 'Daddy, what's in beer'.

Seizing upon this 'teaching moment', I proceed to tell her how beer is made.  When I'm all done, she kind of looks suspicious for a moment, before dropping this bomb: 'So....beer is made of yeast poop?'

No, no, no.  I tried to tell her it's more like yeast burps than yeast poop, but I think it's already confirmed of lot of things she thinks about her dad...

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  1. Yeah, well, so. Wait until she starts wearing make-up, perfume, and all such. You may have your revenge. *grins*