Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


At least someone accomplished something...

I had a very slug like weekend.  Not sure why...maybe it's the realization that after a few slow 'Holiday' weeks at work, it's Back On this Monday. 

Okay...that's a lie...there is a big reason why...the NFL playoffs started this weekend, and I'm lying to myself if I think next weekend, with my beloved New England Patriots playing will be any different.

Luckily though, my wife was not lacking in motivation.

Operating under the assumption that our house purchase should go through, she is busy packing, and piles of boxes are showing up all over the place.  It makes life a little more difficult now, but it's worth it because it means there is less chance of my wife running around with her hair on fire the week before we move. 

It also means with her yarn all gathered up in one place, she's not allowed to make fun of the space 'all my gun stuff' takes up.

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