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Blown Away

I haven't always been Blown Away(see what I did there?  That's the name of her newest song!) by Carrie Underwood.  Oh...I didn't mind her, and I thought a few of her songs were catchy, but I tended to lump her in with the other pretty young blondes(Taylor Swift, Kelly Pickler, Laura Bell Bundy, and more recently Julieane Hough/Hayden Panettiere) who were competing to be the heir to Faith Hill's throne...pretty blond girls who can sing, but really no different than the 100's of others of pretty blond girls who just hadn't been lucky enough to be discovered.

This always put Carrie, in my mind at least, a tier below Miranda Lambert, who just had the sass to pull herself above that group of girls.  Miranda was herself, Carrie was doing stuff a large number of girls could do, given the chance. 

Yeah...I'm sure she was laughing all the way to the bank about my opinion of her.

Recently though...I've changed my mind.  A few bored days putzing around on youtube lead to me watching more than a few live performances of Carrie, and that girl can flat out sing, and she holds up live better than most.

It's caused me to rethink Carrie's place in the world of Country Music.  She has been the biggest female name in country the last two years or so, and I don't see anything really changing that.  Her ceiling has changed from the next Faith Hill, to maybe somewhere in between Barbara Mandrel and Dolly Parton.  Yeah...I'm that impressed by her. 

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